About me

Welcome to the About page – especially if you’re the 1% who arrived here to check out the accuracy of my caricature.

If you’re here to understand more about the person who discovered the truth about the insidious, billion-dollar self-help industry then wrote a book about it, allow me to give you the edited highlights: in 2022, during the most difficult and incredible year of my life, it suddenly dawned on me what was missing from every self-help book, product, seminar, course and insta-plattitude …

… it also dawned on me that the insidious, billion-dollar self-help industry most definitely did not want you to know what I’d discovered.

So I wrote The Last Self-Help Book You’ll Ever Need.

Prior to 2022 I was in the self-help industry’s clutches for over THIRTY YEARS. Course after course, book after book, seminars, webinars, events and masterminds. Yup, I was that person.

But, the good news is that you don’t have to be caught in the cycle that I was in. You don’t have to waste your time or spend your money only to find your hopes are dashed over and over again. Noop, I explain all about the missing piece and how I KNOW it’s the end to the hopeless self-help cycle, in simple, accessible little book (with 10% of profits going to charity I might add), and EVEN BETTER, I’ve created The Wandering Lightbulb: a weekly deep-dive into topics from the book that builds in to your own self-help book. FINALLY a self-help book that works, because it’s build BY YOU. The Wandering Lightbulb is free and you can receive this week’s episode by clicking on the big button, below.

That’s one in the eye for anyone thinking this is some cheap sales funnel. No, nothing of the sort: I just want to spread what I know to as wider audience as possible and help build a real community of people creating magic in their own lives WITHOUT being preyed on by a ruthless billion-dollar industry.

Click on the button and sign up to The Wandering Lightbulb, warm welcome awaits …